Taste Loyalty Program
italy & community
New bonus program with cashback in italy&co restaurants.

About the program

BRUXX, HITCH, Italy, Goose Goose, Bist, Giusto, Oasis Gourmet Visit restaurants and earn points, pay with them from 20% to 50% of the bill, depending on the chosen restaurant project
1 point   =      1 ruble
Become a member of our loyalty program by clicking the ‘Join’ button.
After registration is complete, you’ll receive the link to download your card. By clicking on the link, download the card to Apple Wallet on iPhone or Wallet Union on Android (make sure that you have WalletPasses installed on your phone).
Joining our loyalty program, you get a membership tier based on the amount spent at the restaurants. Your membership tier defines the number of points you receive (starting from 5%), regular gifts and perks.

Membership tiers.

Percentage of accumulation:
5% Select
from 0 to 30 000 Р
10% Premium
from 30 001 to 90 000 Р
15% VIP
from 90 001 to 150 000 Р
20% Adept
from 150 001 Р и
The tier is confirmed each every calendar year.

Percentage of points redemption - up to 50% of the bill depending on the restaurant of italy&community taste loyalty program.
On issues of loyalty program support - loyaltyprogram@italyco.rest
How to use 1. Present your card (virtual or physical) to the waiter.

2. Be sure to tell what you want to do with the points: accumulate or redeem (both are not possible at the same time). If you opt for accumulating, the points will be awarded within 24 hours.
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