italy&co. experts are excellent professionals with more than 10 years of experience in the restaurant industry.
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Mikhail Sokolov
Mikhail Sokolov, restaurateur, italy&co.’s co-founder, mentor at the Skolkovo Business School.

Assists young restaurateurs with business development and takes responsibility for their success. Pays great attention to curating talented people and building successful company cultures. Has a passion for Italian concepts.
Timur Dmitriev
Timur Dmitriev, restaurateur, italy&co.’s co-founder.

Creates restaurant concepts, helps to identify a direction of development, attracts investment in both his own projects and projects done with his participation.
Vera Lisun
Responsible for the organization of work and effective interaction of all company structures
Anton Dontsov
Anton Dontsov is responsible for a marketing strategy. He does market research, develops hypotheses for brand building, launches cafés and restaurants from scratch, and creates efficient business models in the restaurant industry.
Anastasia Sokolnikova
Anastasia creates digital strategies in the HoReCa sector. She develops reservation systems, loyalty programmes, CRM systems, as well as implements digital communication channels and conducts a deep data analysis.
Valeria Liholetova
Valeria develops better teams, takes care of employees’s emotions and motivations, implements an HR strategy and creates new platforms for internal communication. Thanks to her, we have our own glossy magazine. She will find an ideal HR formula in which a human and their talents are in the first place.
Evgeniya Bartashevich
Evgeniya is an expert at profitability management and development of efficient procurement systems. She has established a transparent procurement system for italy&co., being also responsible for profitability of 17 projects in St Petersburg and Moscow, commercial kitchen and retail. She is the co-founder of “Restoranamnado” company.
Anton Rumyantsev
Natalia Balandina
Natalia is an expert at organizing effective kitchen work. She facilitated the workflow of technologists who have been working under her direction for three years. She’s in charge of implementing and maintaining the HACCP system, training restaurant staff to work with this system. She also advises her colleagues on renovation of the existing restaurants and construction of new ones and develops required instructions for restaurants.
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